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Established - 1968
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answering service - Long Island New York
Offering a complete line of related Answering Services and Web Order Answering Services including Dispatching and Call-Out Features
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'A Nation-Wide call center with a local touch'

           Our specialized  team can help provide the comfort of treating your customers like gold. 
                       We offer a tremendous variety of  services, so - please browse our web site and
                          feel free  to ask  about any service that you do not see offered. 

                We take great effort in offering our clients the best possible
                                       customization and service at the best pricing available.  

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          answering services - Long Island and United States    

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Note: Purchase Orders must be issued prior to ordering and delivery of item(s) ordered by Relay Communications Center - NO EXCEPTIONS!
Note:  if an item or items is/are sent without a purchase order and/nor any request to order to confirm, no payment will be made for such item(s),
as it will be considered spam and there is no expressed request for such item by Relay Communications Center nor it's staff - NO EXCEPTIONS!

 Answering Services and applications for Call Dispatching, Whistle blower hotline and Elevator emergency dispatching services.
Our Web Order Taking has given our clients an edge for assisting their online buyers.

 * all services subject to current Terms and Conditions, no exceptions.