Relay is a provider of 2 way radio and mobile radio applications and dispatching tools. Learn more about 2 way radios with answering service dispatching. 2-Way Radio Repeater and Dispatching. Homeland Installations.

2 Way Radio, Repeater and Dispatching Services
Homeland Security Style installations and more...

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             We use Motorola and other long lasting radios for great service and quality.
                Two-Way Radios have become increasingly popular due to the advantages of
                 unit to unit and instant accessibility for instant communication.

                     Antenna's and Transmitters and Repeater Systems are important with keeping up with
                    communication needs: Construction Sites, Schools, Disaster Recovery and more.

                     Fire Department requirements are demanding, but we can install communication
and Tele-communication systems to help meet their needs

Your truck, van, or any work vehicle can be equipped with specialized radio equipment for ease in communications between co-workers, supervisors, and/or a 'Base' unit to keep in contact with employees. 

Our specialized technical team can design, install, and arrange to establish your radios or our radios on our transmitter system. 

Type Radio Services 

Relay is licensed by the FCC Relay is licensed by the FCC as a Radio Common Carrier.

2-way radio sales and service and repair Relay provides two way radio sales, service, repairs, and repeater transmitters
     and systems.

Radio notification and Dispatching Relay provides base station answering and dispatch in conjunction with this
     service throughout Long Island, New York.

2_way_radios.htm Relay provides nationwide one way pagers, beepers, and service.

Relay Public Address Systems / 1-800-248-8330 Relay installs in-house paging and public address systems.

Our Radio and Repeater Systems are very useful for:

School Security Systems / Personnel Back Up
Fire and Police
Oil and Gas
Large Fleets
Community Watch-Dog Groups

YOU CAN'T PUT A PRICE ON PUBLIC SAFETY!!  Go all the way with top services from Relay Communications Center

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