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A Nationwide Call Center with a local touch
since 1968. Every Hour - Every Day
Answering Service discounts for high volume clients.

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* Answering Services - 24/7
* Web Order Taking
* Dispatching - Cell, Email, Text, App's
* Funeral Answering Services
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* Elevator Emergency Call Dispatching
* 2-Way Radio Services and Repeaters
* Voice Mail and Privacy Numbers
* R.S.V.P. Response Line
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Answering Service - Nation Wide While your message waiting light was on, your caller may have found another company to help. 
Why let your advertising dollars make your competition rich?

Whether you are building a new company or trying to increase sales with an existing company and/or for personal use, having a Telephone Answering Service (TAS) may be the right decision for you.

Your time is valuable and our TAS staff is 'on your side' and will do their best to keep your callers happy and informed per your account instructions.
Create a great image for your clients with our state-of-the-art
enhanced computerized message delivery and call center services. 
 Checkin' and Where-About's
Safety Service
Specialized Auto Answer Greetings On call Rotation Schedules

Call Handling - Answering Service   

Messages are taken and typed into a specialized computer  system.  Messages are dispatched via 'text' to cells, i-pads, and other type devises and / or emailed real-time per call and/or with daily reports.  Special scripting is available for a nominal fee for large accounts and for detailed and delicate call handling.

Messages - Answering Service   

Call message taking is important and information is repeated  to the caller to insure accuracy.  Messages are time stamped  and dated and can be sent a variety of ways depending on your needs.

Time Sensitive vs. Per Call Billing   

Messages can be charged either by time or per call.  There are advantages to both depending on your situation.

Time Sensitive billing charges the call by the minute.  The first 6 seconds of each call is at no charge which saves you money with unwanted calls.

Per Call billing is great for budgeting calls for taking orders and are not sure how long the customer will be on the line. 

Auto Answer and Specialized Greetings   

Specialized greetings are a great way to promote products and/or special events just prior to a Call Attendant  taking a live call.
Call Handling and Call Control   
Each call is handled professionally and with attention to detail.  Call  control is where we ask the questions and assist the caller from start  to finish efficiently and with courtesy.
Customer Satisfaction   
We strive for customer satisfaction one call at a time. If don't take care of you and your callers, then someone else will.  We go through great lengths to provide weekly training and call monitoring to ensure accurate and detailed messaging and Call Processing.
Call Etiquette    Proper call etiquette and professional courtesy are important with call handling.  We strive for excellence and put a smile in our voices.  Just another part of our service that helps to set high standards within our company.
Tele-Messaging Attendant Training    Each Call Attendant has to complete comprehensive training classes prior to taking their first call.
TAS made easy    The use of clear and easy instructions help process calls easily and with less chance of possible error.  Complicated instructions take more time, become confusing, and may make updating instructions a night-mare for on-call situations and/or for our clients. 
We take great pride keeping your information private.  We do not sell information nor do we keep any TAS records and/or account messages past 30 days.  No Exceptions.

Messages that we send to you can easily be stored on your location on your equipment easily for your viewing when convenient for you.  
Benefits of using our Answering Service    *  Your 800 # can call forward to us
*  Live 'Web Order' shopping assisting for those who find websites unfriendly to use.
*  Customizable dynamic scripting system
*  Online calendar and appointments
*  Real-time or scheduled delivery of messages via Message Delivery options
*  24/7/365 operator assistance
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Our company Answering Service is still owned and managed by the founding family since 1968.
Our dedicated staff is professionally trained to answer your calls with the same courtesy as if they were our own.
Calls are processed accurately and promptly every hour every day.  24/7/365
We offer a large variety of conventional and specialized services.
We utilize the latest state-of-the-art computerized technology.
We provide service Nationwide.
We provide our clients with two choices of billing:  Time Sensitive (per minute) or Call Sensitive (Per Call)
Invoices are sent via e-mail.  Optional billing methods are a available.
Payment is by credit card.  Optional payment by check is optional*
Billing is on a monthly basis and no extra charges for Holidays or 31 day billing cycles*.
Optional Rate Plans are available based on volume.
Calls can be customized to be answered in your name or with 1,2,3, mail box greetings or both.
Our Call Center offers: answering service, virtual office, telephone answering service, emergency answering service, order taking answering service, hotline answering service, elevator answering service, fulfillment answering service, emergency preparedness answering service, order answering service, Elevator answering service, Florida elevator answering service, United States Emergency Elevator Emergency Service,  medical answering service, Petroleum hot line answering service, and automated answering service.
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