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Funeral Help Desk Service Answering Service

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Professional Answering Services Offered:

Answering Services - 24/7
Web Order Taking
Dispatching - Cell, Email, Text, App's
Funeral Answering Services
Whistle Blower Hotline Services
Elevator Emergency Call Dispatching
2-Way Radio Services and Repeaters
Voice Mail and Privacy Numbers
R.S.V.P. Response Line
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A Nationwide Call Center
with a local touch      
since 1968           
Every Hour - Every Day

Viewing schedules, Disposal information, and appointment availability
          are easy to achieve when speaking to our professional staff.

                  Our message procedures can help to avoid hassles  
                  and / or embarrassing situations.

Sensitivity to your Clients

Specialized 'Music On Hold' is provided for a blended atmosphere
should your client need assistance which may require them to be put on hold for a few moments.
There may be a need to review a schedule or to place the caller on hold to dial out for an emergency; should this occur, we will make
every effort to keep the hold time very brief and will keep your client
informed to help achieve a pleasant call experience.

Greeting:  An optional service is available to allow a
professional recording / commercial
of your company information and other important information prior
to a call attendant taking the call and / or during a brief hold period.

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