Relay is a provider of modern answering service notification methods for applications and dispatching tools. Learn more about Answering Service notification methods. Notification Methods for answering services.

Notification Methods for Answering Services

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Professional Answering Services Offered:

Answering Services - 24/7
Web Order Taking
Dispatching - Cell, Email, Text, App's
Funeral Answering Services
Whistle Blower Hotline Services
Elevator Emergency Call Dispatching
2-Way Radio Services and Repeaters
Voice Mail and Privacy Numbers
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Create the image for your customers.  Our E-Receptionist
             can locate your staff quickly and efficiently and Relay can reach the
             appropriate people as needed to help meet the needs of your

wave files  Wave files to your e-mail to listen to callers message on your computer

Radio Mobile  Radio / Mobile - Hand Held Radio and Base Station Dispatching / all types

Direct Phone  Direct phone call from our call center to relay messages to you or messages to   your pre-determined location 

email - I pod  E-mail and/or  i Pod  You can open an e-mail or go to your i Pod to receive messages

voice mail  Voice Mail  
Our Call Attendant or your customer can leave a voice mail that you can retrieve using a pass code.

daily reports - real time  Daily Reports Vs. Real Time  
You can have your messages grouped and sent at one time daily or as each call arrives.

fax services  Fax Service  
Though a bit archaic, this valuable service is useful in corporate levels via a Fax Server.  We can e-mail to your fax
     server and we can fax directly to your fax machine in your home or office.  Note:  fax machine needs to be on to receive messages.

dispatching  Other  
You may have thought of a way that makes receiving message easy for you.  We would like to hear about it so that
     we can try to accommodate your message delivery needs.

text messaging  Text Messaging 
Communication devices can easily handle text messaging now-a-days.  Tell us what you need and we will
      do our best to make it work.

Access your Wave File to hear your messages.
Access your e-mail to read your messages.
Some still prefer the good ol' fashioned fax print out for office staff to take action quickly by an
available person.
Messages can go out real time or at
scheduled time(s) each day or on specific days and/or hours.
  Your cell phone is probably not far from you, So, your messages probably will not be far either.  Cell
  phones now offer more advantages than ever before.
  Our Voice Mail service still offers many options
  including 'TREE' service which gives the
  caller a press '1', '2', '3', option for selective
  service type needs.  An optional service can include
a press '0' for live operator assistance.
  For clients who need multiple delivery types, we have you
covered.  Relay offers a variety of services for a delivery service that is just right for you.
Text Messaging via cell or computer, even while camping.
 *area - signal permitting
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